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Tweak your internet connection


If you haven't already, download Cablenut and install it, then proceed.

Select your connection type or enter the MTU manually.
Connection type:

Enter your MTU manually:

If you are not sure, run this TCP/IP analyzer and note the MTU.
  • MTU = 1500 » Cable or DSL - Always on
  • MTU = 1492 » DSL with Router or RASPPPoE
  • MTU = 1480 » DSL with XP PPPoE
  • MTU is not listed above » use the enter MTU choice and enter your MTU

Enter your connections download and upload caps in kilobits per second (kbps),
and enter in your expected latency if you know what it is.
----------No need for 56K----------
To determine your latency, run a tracert from the command prompt while downloading a large file.
For further instruction read here.

Cablenut Settings

DefaultReceiveWindow MaxNormLookupMemory
DefaultSendWindow SackOpts
DisableAddressSharing SynAttackProtect
InitialLargeBufferCount Tcp1323Opts
InitialMediumBufferCount TcpLogLevel
InitialSmallBufferCount TcpMaxDupAttacks
LargeBufferSize TcpMaxHalfOpen
MaxFastTransmit TcpMaxHalfOpenRetired
MediumBufferSize TcpRecvSegmentSize
PriorityBoost TcpSendSegmentSize
SmallBufferSize TcpTimedWaitDelay
TransmitWorker TcpUseRFC1122UrgentPointer
FastSendDatagramThreshhold TcpWindowSize
EnableFastRouteLookup MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server
EnablePMTUDiscovery MaxConnectionsPerServer
IgnorePushBitsOnReceives DefaultTTL
GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize DisableUserTOSSetting
MaxFreeTcbs TcpMaxDataRetransmissions
MaxHashTableSize DefaultTOSValue

Cablenut Setting Files

You need to do a Full reboot with every adjustment.
Please Note: In some cases you dont need to use every setting in the adjuster. To try it with less, blank out one setting at a time, rebooting in between.

These have been known to effect some DSL connections. If you see some minor issues, blank out these settings:
  • MaxNormLookupMemory
  • MaxFreeTcbs
  • MaxHashTableSize
  • FastSendDatagramThreshhold
  • EnableFastRouteLookup » might interfere with other network settings.

Don't forget to do these tweaks too:
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