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Group policy registry entries for xp home

This is a non-exhaustive list of the options available to XP Professional users through the Group Policy editor. They can be applied within the registry for XP Home users. I have not tested every setting on a computer running XP Home so I will not guarantee that every setting is applicable. This is a list of options available under User Configuration > Administrative Templates. I could not find a list of these on the web and painstakingly enabled every setting availabe and viewed the registry key affected. If someone else has this list I did not copy it, I researched and developed this myself. If I have the time and patience I will include the Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates as well.
If you find errors please feel free to email me

To enable the policy add the registry value listed. To disable it just remove the value. Sometimes the subkeys must be manually created. The number values given are in decimal form unless listed as 0x######## then that is hexadecimal form.
If you need help working with the registry, take a look at my registry tutorial.

Group Policy Quick Link Tree

User Configuration

Administrative Templates

Group policy registry entries

User Configuration

Administrative Templates
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